The GaSSO Pledge

At GaSSO, we believe the Georgia QEE Credit Program is vital to our state’s effort to provide Georgia’s preK-12 students with the broadest possible choice of quality educational opportunities. And we are committed to implementing the program in ways that maximize the benefits to students and private schools alike.

To that end, we pledge:

  • To expedite the transfer of donated funds to selected schools as quickly as possible.
  • To protect donors’ funds by never putting it at risk in investment instruments during the brief time it is under our stewardship.
  • To provide our private school partners with twice monthly reports of donations for their school.
  • To allow our partner schools to establish their own criteria for selecting scholarship recipients.

In addition, we believe that part of our mission is to help schools, donors, parents and other stakeholders understand how the Georgia QEE Credit Program works – and its benefits. We can be reached by telephone or email to respond to questions. And we are always available to make presentations about the program and GaSSO’s approach to implementing it.

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