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Georgia Student Scholarship Organization, Inc. (GaSSO) is one of the oldest and largest non-profit corporations approved by the State of Georgia to accept and manage tax-credit donations that give Georgia children access to the educational choices they deserve and need.

Since opening for business in 2008, we have processed tax-credit donations that have funded more than 10,000 scholarships for Georgia children attending more than 150 private preK-12 schools all across our state. There are probably many reasons why so many donors and schools like to work with GaSSO, but we think it boils down to one basic factor: Superior Service.

As a donor, you don’t have to go any further than our donations page to complete our “1-Step Donation Process.” After being notified by the Georgia Department of Revenue (GADOR) that your donation has been approved, we will transmit the funds to the private school of your choice within three business days of receiving their approved scholarship application form. Critically, your funds are never at risk. We don’t even deposit your check until your donation has been approved by GADOR. Once that approval is received, we deposit it in a government-backed account until we disburse the funds (again, usually within three business days) to the school of your choice. Not one penny will ever be at risk in any conventional investment instrument.

We also work closely with our private school partners, regularly visiting schools to explain the program to parents and prospective donors. Unlike other SSOs, we at GaSSO don’t think it’s our role to manage your scholarship process. We require only minimal paperwork and provide you with twice monthly updates so that you can better manage your cash flow and quickly award any available funds. And, again, while other large SSOs distribute scholarship funds only a few times a year, we usually disburse the scholarship funds within three business days of receiving your approved scholarship application form. Further, the schools we partner with are also free to work with other SSOs.

These are just some of the reasons to go with GaSSO. We’re sure you’ll find others on our website.

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